about iNetCourier

iNetCourier was designed to make file transfer simple and easy. There are three main limitations people encounter with ordinary FTP when transferring files. The first problem is that each person transferring files to the server needs to have an FTP client, and they need to understand how to use it. The second problem is that when files are sent to an FTP server, the server does not notify anyone the files have arrived. The third problem is that many organizations do not have a full time system administrator to manage the often complicated task of running an FTP server. iNetCourier addresses all of these problems.

First, only a web browser is needed to transfer files with iNetCourier. This makes it easy for someone unfamiliar with FTP to upload a file. Second, each time a file is uploaded, iNetCourier sends an email to the designated addresses to notify someone that files have arrived. This can save a lot of time and energy that is wasted by constantly checking the FTP server to see if that important file has arrived. Third, iNetCourier has a simple and easy to use interface for managing transfer sites and accounts. You don't need to be a full time system administrator to set up and use iNetCourier. We encourage you to give it a try.