software features

iNetCourier is simple to setup and easy to use

By following the documentation, a transfer site can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

No specialized client software is needed

iNetCourier allows client machines to log-on and transfer data via any current web browser.

Quick and easy file upload and download

iNetCourier’s simple client interface makes it easy to transfer files over the internet.

Built-in Notification System

Never overlook a client’s newly submitted file. The built-in notification system sends an email alert when a file has been successfully uploaded.

Communication from the client

No more mystery files uploaded to the server. The client may submit a note or set of instructions to be included in the notification email alert.

Enhance customer relationships

Create and manage a dedicated transfer site for each customer.

Customizable client interface

Easily customize the interface to match the company’s existing website or to reflect the individual customer it represents.